As a public relations professional, it is important to continually hone your skills. The field continues to change and staying on the forefront of development keeps your work relevant. Pine Belt PRAM workshops aim to help you grow as a strategic and ethical leader.

PRAM members from throughout the state of Mississippi, as well as and non-members, are invited to attend our workshops.

*Next Workshop will be in July 2024. Information to come soon!*


Sample of Past Workshops

  • PR Live!
    • “Creating a Communications Plan in Real-Time”- Members utilized the RPIE process to help guide a local nonprofit, Cherished Hearts, in creating a communications plan.
  • The Big Bang: Navigating Your Message to the Masses
    • “Navigating Messages to International Audiences” – Holly Bounds, Global Digital Commerce Growth Leader for GE Energy
    • “Navigating Messages with Photography and Videography” – Paul Foerman, NASA Public Affairs Specialist at John C. Stennis Space Center
    • “Navigating Messages on the Fly” – Therese Apel, Breaking News/Crime Reporter for The Clarion-Ledger
  • What’s the Big Idea? 
    • “Big Idea Generation”  – Blake Killian & Rob Hudak, Zehnder Communications
    • “Taking Ideas from Generation to Implementation” – Blake Killian & Rob Hudak, Zehnder Communications
    • “Protecting Your Big Idea: Trademark & Copyright in PR” – Ryanne Saucier, Mississippi Public Broadcasting
  •  Back to Basics: Developing a True Public Relations Campaign (while doing all your other work too…)
    • “Research and Planning” – Beth Kitchings, The Ramey Agency
    • “Implementation” – Sue Templeman, GodwinGroup
    • “Evaluation” – Tim Mask, Maris, West & Baker
  • Branded: A Public Relations Guide to Branding
    • “What is Branding and Why is it Important” – Meredith Chase, The Cirlot Agency
    • “Brand Consistency Across Multiple Platforms” – Tina Hooker, The Cirlot Agency
    • “The Role of Branding in Public Relations” – Mary Hampton Nicholas, The Cirlot Agency
  • Reigniting Your Public Relations Creativity
    • “Creative Thinking” – Dr. Bill Smith, Professor, The University of Southern Mississippi
    • “Creative Writing” – Jamie O’Quinn, Freelance Writer
    • “Creative Photography” – Brent Wallace, Certified Photographic Consultant
  • Crisis Happens!
    • “The i-Interview: Secrets you need to know to master interviews of the future” – Gerard Braud, Braud Communications
    • “Communicating When the Power Goes Out: CEPA’s response to Isaac” – Ron Barnes & Team, Coast Electric Power Association
    • “Navigating Rough Waters: How to respond to an online crisis” – Thomas Broadus, The Focus Group
    • “Don’t talk to the Media Until: Secrets you need to know before you open your mouth” – Gerard Braud, Braud Communications